Twisted Branch 2016

I've sat down to write a race report for this year's Twisted Branch a couple times today, and I can't find a through narrative, as I was relatively stationary.
Strong moments for me include:
Sadness and relief as my friends arrived by car rather than on foot and threw themselves into helping others
The power of training and science as Daven transformed himself from a beaten man to a powerful contender over an hour.
The colorful pig headedness of Welden as he terrified the paramedics, entertained the crew, and pulled himself together to a powerful finish
Watching those paramedics transform themselves from intrusive horseflys to helpful and effective aid station workers
Single minded care and efficiency with which Prem tended to each runner
The perfect selfless pairing of runners and pinch-hit pacers and crew as the carnage mounted
And the tears on Chris Reynolds face as she missed our cutoff
The nonchalant running power of sweeper extraordinaire, Colin
The smooth and effortless finish by Danielle
The barely upright and conscious Valerie
The patience and relief apparent on Hobbs' face at the closing of Urbana
The wonderful food from Natalie
Barely contained chaos managed by Scott and his minions with panache
This community is amazing. Thank you all for letting me and my family be a part of it.