For the Strength Of The Hills

For the strength of the hills

I'm sitting here atop the mountain that was at the end of a hike that precipitated my spiritual reawakening, and not coincidentally the precursor to my fitness awakening. I had not been back since, and had no intention of returning ever. The years have twisted and distorted my memories of the trail, but as I got to various points, the old emotions come flooding back. I can recognize now that strong cross winds and exhaustion contributed to the existential dread I felt while climbing this. My friends and a base understanding lifted me up. Today I am sharing the beauty of these hills with my family. Previously, I had wrapped myself in the comforting lie that all was well. Now I know I'm broken, that I know how to get better, and that I am surrounded with help every step of the way. I stand all amazed at the love proffered me by my friends, by my family, and by my Lord. Thank you