On Cancel Culture

There's lots of hand wringing about "cancel culture" (blindly boycotting people for past behavior/words) and how it's going to destroy society. I tend to agree, we are all human and deserve to be treated as such.

The sheer hypocrisy of groups whose entire platform is "rich straight white male christians are the best" being the primary groups pushing this narrative is so galling to me this morning. They don't care about cancel culture. They created this horrific weapon, used it for centuries now, and are now upset that parts of their constituency (theoretically including me) are possible targets for the first time.

How does "Oh dear, I might lose my job because I abused my power and made repeated unwanted attempts on my employee" be a cause for public worry about that boss, and yet we're fine with stripping/denying the rights and access to the american dream because people dared be female, or non-white, or LGBTQ, or muslim/mormon/atheist, or poor. (And only one of those "or"s is even moderately a choice).

This is not a screed in support of "cancelling". This is one in favor of us getting some perspective about who the messengers are, and what we should be trying to protect and conserve in this great land of ours (hint: lifting up the downtrodden is generally a good move)