Why We Protest

Last night, a dear friend of mine was asked why she was protesting. As she gave her heartfelt answer, the words that have driven me from Mosiah 18 flooded my mind.

"Yea, and are willing to mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort,"

But, there's more words after that, and they caught my attention again this morning as I studied.

"and to stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places that ye may be in"

I've usually read this as the preaching of the gospel, and so I wasn't paying as much attention to it. Except just a few chapters later, the Lord uses the same phrasing to say that we will be witnesses of the injustices of the world at the judgement bar.

And all the times the scriptures say "come and see", or "look", or "behold" came flooding into my mind.

Part of our mandate is to comfort, and mourn, and yes, preach, but also to see and learn and share. So we can witness to each other now and later the truth of all things.

So, come and see. If you feel uncertain, contact me, and I'll stand by your side. Our brothers and sisters need you.

Service is Key

I have spent the twenty three years I've been home from two years in Costa Rica wondering how so many people I knew could go to a foreign country and serve the people, then come home, have a good cry about how much you love the people of (insert country name here), and then reliably vote to hurt those that come to our country as immigrants and refugees.

Watching police and politicians and school administrators work to destroy the people their job is to serve, I'm coming to a hypothesis. And, I know that this is obvious to so many of you, but serving other people is hard. They are often recalcitrant and tired and distracted, just like us. And it is a simple transition to just. stop. caring. Think the people you're helping are dumb or dirty or selfish or weak . Thinking they are less worthy then yourself. It is an easy decision, you sacrificed much to come and serve, and you get hurt or rejected or ignored. Clearly they are at fault. Except,

That is wrong. Love is first and last.

I have some repenting to do. For example, I looked down on so many people for using phrases like "si Dios quiere", when asked if they would do something. My father, visiting me, saw a home that was mostly dirt, and realized that they were happy because they had sufficient. He drew strength and contentment from that.

Serving people is hard and full of heartbreak. If there is something I can say or do to lift you up and dust you off, please reach out. I will do my best to watch, but I'm as fragile and broken as the rest of you and will fail, and hopefully reach out.

We're in this together.